The traditional British style meets the works of Dan Flavin, creating the FW18 collection “Lost in Wonderland”.

The collection is inspired by the English tailoring tradition, proposing iconic pieces with a masculine imprint, revisited and made feminine through combinations of colors and fabrics.

The inspiration for the Flavin’s neon works retraces the presented garments as a common thread, with colorful and bright details.

The detail of the fuchsia ribbon, which is mainly found in dresses and blouses, recalls the geometries created with neon by the artist Flavin in the famous series of works “Icons”.

Among the fabrics are warm woolen cloths, in plain color, but also with check or herringbone motifs, which refer to the British style imagery, mixed with velvets and more technical and modern fabrics such as lycra, which we also find in the coated version.

Lace and satin are used to create dresses and blouses, giving the collection a touch of femininity that is characteristic of the brand.

Like fabrics, colors also have a strong contrast: they go from traditional, sometimes masculine tones, like gray, blue or military green, to more innovative and modern accents, as in the case of fuchsia and electric blue.